M&M Books was established in 2005 when two fresh-faced young men, Mal Croft and Matt Windsor, were competing against each other for one internship at a London publishing house and replaced job seeking, backstabbing, skullduggery with the firm bonds of friendship. Mal got the internship and Matt had a position made for him due to his impressive design skills. Matt may have written this. They quickly realised they could bring joy to the world via the medium of books and set about writing and producing the best darn books available. With an ever growing catalogue of humour, novelty and gift titles, there’s something for everyone providing they like humour, novelty and gift titles.

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Mal Croft Writer/Editor/Punsmith

A once-upon-a-time music journalist, Mal became an editor for a trendy upcoming publisher in West London. He rose through the ranks like an exemplary boy scout and it wasn’t long before he became Commissioning Editor, producing such hit books as Shit London, The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes, Can’t be Arsed and Movie Dinners.

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Matt Windsor Designer/Apprentice Punsmith

After displaying a keen prowess with a pencil at an early age, Matt always knew he’d be a designer. Or a pencil salesman. Following a disappointing career as a pencil salesman he tried his hand at designing. Now a fully fledged award-winning designer (British Bronze Standard swimming certificate), he is a lover of all things books and a purveyor of flapjacks and baked goods.

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